Digital Impulse Interface - Fieldbus function-/technology module 750-635

WAGO - 750-635 - Digital Impulse Interface - Fieldbus function-/technology module 750-635
Photo source: fig. possibly similar
Photo source: fig. possibly similar
750-635 4045454393984 EAN/GTIN

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Supply voltage DC=24 V, Voltage type of supply voltage=DC, Number of functions=1, With optical... more
Digital Impulse Interface - Fieldbus function-/technology module 750-635 – WAGO – 750-635 – 4045454393984: Supply voltage DC=24 V, Voltage type of supply voltage=DC, Number of functions=1, With optical interface=no, Supporting protocol for TCP/IP=no, Supporting protocol for PROFIBUS=no, Supporting protocol for CAN=no, Supporting protocol for INTERBUS=no, Supporting protocol for ASI=no, Supporting protocol for KNX=no, Supporting protocol for MODBUS=no, Supporting protocol for Data-Highway=no, Supporting protocol for DeviceNet=no, Supporting protocol for SUCONET=no, Supporting protocol for LON=no, Supporting protocol for PROFINET IO=no, Supporting protocol for PROFINET CBA=no, Supporting protocol for SERCOS=no, Supporting protocol for Foundation Fieldbus=no, Supporting protocol for EtherNet/IP=no, Supporting protocol for AS-Interface Safety at Work=no, Supporting protocol for DeviceNet Safety=no, Supporting protocol for INTERBUS-Safety=no, Supporting protocol for PROFIsafe=no, Supporting protocol for SafetyBUS p=no, Supporting protocol for other bus systems=yes, Radio standard Bluetooth=no, Radio standard Wi-Fi 802.11=no, Radio standard GPRS=no, Radio standard GSM=no, Radio standard UMTS=no, IO link master=no, System accessory=yes, Suitable for counting=no, Suitable for weighing=no, Suitable for temperature control=no, Suitable for welding control=no, Suitable for pressure control=no, Suitable for NC=no, Suitable for electronic positioning=yes, Suitable for CNC=no, Suitable for SSI=no, Suitable for incremental data detection=no, Suitable for detection absolute value=no, Suitable for flux controller=no, Suitable for flux measurement=no, Suitable for path controller=no, Suitable for cam controller=no, Suitable for flying saw=no, Suitable for multi-axis control=no, Suitable for single-axis controller=no, Suitable for multi-axis positioning=no, Suitable for single-axis positioning=no, Function block restart blockage=no, Function block automatic reset=no, Contactor control function block=no, Function block emergency stop=no, Function block contactless working protection installation=no, Function block affirm pushbutton=no, Function block 2-hand switching=no, Function block operating mode selection=no, Function block access control=no, Degree of protection (IP)=IP20, Fieldbus connection over separate bus coupler possible=yes, Frequency measurement=no, Rail mounting possible=yes, Wall mounting/direct mounting=no, Front built-in possible=no, Rack-assembly possible=no, Suitable for safety functions=no, Appendant operation agent (Ex ia)=no, Appendant operation agent (Ex ib)=no, Explosion safety category for gas=ATEX gas-ex-protection, Cat. 3G, Explosion safety category for dust=ATEX dust-ex-protection, Cat. 3D, Width=12 mm, Height=64 mm, Depth=100 mm
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Supply voltage at DC 24V
Voltage type of the supply voltage DC
Number of functions 1
With optical interface no
Supports protocol for TCP / IP no
Supports protocol for PROFIBUS no
Supports protocol for CAN no
Supports protocol for INTERBUS no
Supports protocol for ASI no
Supports protocol for KNX no
Supports protocol for MODBUS no
Supports data highway protocol no
Supports protocol for DeviceNet no
Supports protocol for SUCONET no
Supports protocol for LON no
Supports protocol for PROFINET IO no
Supports protocol for PROFINET CBA no
Supports protocol for SERCOS no
Supports protocol for EtherNet / IP no
Supports protocol for DeviceNet Safety no
Supports protocol for INTERBUS safety no
Supports protocol for PROFIsafe no
Supports protocol for SafetyBUS p no
Supports protocol for other bus systems yes
Wireless standard Bluetooth no
Wireless standard WLAN 802.11 no
Radio standard GPRS no
Radio standard GSM no
Radio standard UMTS no
IO-Link master no
System component yes
Suitable for counting no
Suitable for weighing no
Suitable for temperature control no
Suitable for welding control no
Suitable for pressure control no
Suitable for NC no
Suitable for position detection yes
Suitable for CNC no
Suitable for SSI no
Suitable for incremental value acquisition no
Suitable for absolute value acquisition no
Suitable for flow control no
Suitable for flow measurement no
Suitable for railway control no
Suitable for cam control no
Suitable for flying saw no
Suitable for multi-axis control no
Suitable for single-axis control no
Suitable for multi-axis positioning no
Suitable for single-axis positioning no
Function block restart interlock no
Function block automatic reset no
Contactor control function block no
Function block EMERGENCY STOP no
Function block acknowledgment button no
Function block two-hand circuit no
Function block operating mode selection no
Function block access control no
IP protection) IP20
Frequency measurement no
Rail mounting possible yes
Wall / direct mounting possible no
Front installation possible no
Rack mounting possible no
Suitable for safety functions no
Associated equipment (Ex ia) no
Associated equipment (Ex ib) no
Width 12 mm
Height 64 mm
Depth 100 mm

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