Electronic ballast 1x24W HF-M BLUE 124 LH

Philips Licht - HF-M BLUE 124 LH - Electronic ballast 1x24W HF-M BLUE 124 LH
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HF-M BLUE 124 LH 53640230 8711500536402 EAN/GTIN

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Electronic ballast 1x24W, Type electronic, Multi-watt model no, Dimming 0-10 V no, Dimming 1-10 V... more
Electronic ballast 1x24W HF-M BLUE 124 LH – Philips Licht – 53640230 – 8711500536402: Electronic ballast 1x24W, Type electronic, Multi-watt model no, Dimming 0-10 V no, Dimming 1-10 V no, Dimming DALI no, Dimming DSI no, Dimming DMX no, Dimming Potentiometer (device-integrated) no, GPRS dimming no, Dimming LineSwitch no, Dimming manufacturer-specific no, Dimming Mains voltage modulation no, Dimming Phase section no, Dimming Phase control no, Programmable dimming no, Dimming RF no, Dimming Sine Wave Reduction no, Dimming Touch and Dim no, Dimming Zigbee no, Dimming with push-button no, Without dimming function yes, For lamp type HI no, For lamp type HM no, For lamp type HS no, For lamp type LS no, For lamp type T7 no, For lamp type T16 yes, For lamp type T16-R yes, For lamp type T26 yes, For lamp type T38 no, For lamp type TR no, For lamp type TU no, For lamp type TC-D no, For lamp type TC-DD no, For lamp type TC-DEL no, For lamp type TC-F no, For lamp type TC-L yes, For lamp type TC-QEL no, For lamp type TC-S no, For lamp type TC-SEL no, For lamp type TC-T no, For lamp type TC-TEL no, Suitable for lamp wattage (1-lamp) 24W, Suitable for number of lamps 1, Suitable for lamp power 24W, Rated voltage 230..240 V, Housing Plastic housing, With strain relief no, Degree of protection (IP) IP20, Protection class without, Length 187 mm, Width 22 mm, Height 22 mm
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Type electronic
Multi-watt model no
Dimming 0-10 V no
Dimming 1-10 V no
Dimming DALI no
Dimming DSI no
Dimming DMX no
Dimming Potentiometer (device-integrated) no
GPRS dimming no
Dimming LineSwitch no
Dimming manufacturer-specific no
Dimming Mains voltage modulation no
Dimming Phase section no
Dimming Phase control no
Programmable dimming no
Dimming RF no
Dimming Sine Wave Reduction no
Dimming Touch and Dim no
Dimming Zigbee no
Dimming with push-button no
Without dimming function yes
For lamp type HI no
For lamp type HM no
For lamp type HS no
For lamp type LS no
For lamp type T7 no
For lamp type T16 yes
For lamp type T16-R yes
For lamp type T26 yes
For lamp type T38 no
For lamp type TR no
For lamp type TU no
For lamp type TC-D no
For lamp type TC-DD no
For lamp type TC-DEL no
For lamp type TC-F no
For lamp type TC-L yes
For lamp type TC-QEL no
For lamp type TC-S no
For lamp type TC-SEL no
For lamp type TC-T no
For lamp type TC-TEL no
Suitable for lamp wattage (1-lamp) 24W
Suitable for number of lamps 1
Suitable for lamp power 24W
Rated voltage 230..240 V
Housing Plastic housing
With strain relief no
Degree of protection (IP) IP20
Protection class without
Length 187 mm
Width 22 mm
Height 22 mm

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